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All-Purpose Grass, Low maintenance, Resistant to drought.


Chinch Bug Resistant, Recovers well from injury.

St. Augustine

Full, thick grass that will help crowd out weeds keeping your lawn beautiful.


Great for heavy foot traffic. Re-grows quickly!

Choose the right type of sod or coverage for your home or business.

Trust The Family Owned And Operated Source For Great Sod

When you speak to people anywhere in the Tampa area and beyond, you’ll hear nothing but great things about Sod Depot of Tampa Bay. That’s because our family owned and operated team has spent more than 45 years building a reputation for superior quality and customer service. Order from us and you’ll see why we’re preferred!

Warranty Claus

  • Sod Depot of Tampa Bay offers no written warranties on sod. Once the sod has been delivered it’s out of our hands. There are many factors out of our control once the sod leaves the farms. We believe that our customers will do the proper research regarding the best care for their sod and to do further research when choosing which sod will best fit their needs

  • Please note that the worst time of the year to install sod is May-September. There is an 80-90 percent chance that the sod will get fungus or sod web worms or even both. We strongly recommend that you hire a lawn professional to spray your sod for fungus and insect problems.

  • Sod should be installed right after it has been delivered. The longer you leave the sod on the pallet the worst it will look.

  • Our Bahia sod will at times have fire ants, weeds, cow patties and falls apart when picking it off the pallet.